Lineups & Game Thread for Real Sociedad vs Roma

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Lineups & Game Thread for Real Sociedad vs Roma

sociedad vs roma

Europa League Round of 16

With a two-goal lead in their pockets, Roma should feel reasonably confident about their chances of advancing to the Europa League quarterfinals as they face Real Sociedad on the road this evening. Roma may be all over the map in Serie A, but José Mourinho’s men have been pretty consistent in continental play, winning five of their nine Europa League fixtures thus far, and should feel good about their chances of advancing to the quarter finals.

Of course, none of that means today's opponents will simply pack it in and start planning their summer holidays, but that preciously two-goal advantage should give the Giallorossi more wiggle room as they face a tough opponent on the road this afternoon.

The lineups are, so let's see if Roma can take the next step toward (minor) European glory!

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